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Success Stories

"I think this is a really good thing of value to invest in these particular deals. In the sense of replacing income, providing passive income, whatever the goal is, if they don’t have enough funds to invest themselves into their own commercial property or are time poor or don’t have the knowledge - it’s a great offering."

S. Zambrano, NSW

C David, QLD

"It has been a dream of mine to own investment properties (houses) that generate positive cashflow from it.

Since the first time I spoke to you, I felt very comfortable with you. You provided me with information, not 'selling me' something. I did not feel pressured in committing to be involved in your company. 

Would I recommend you to others? A BIG "YES"!"

J McLellan, QLD

About Us

Dionne began her property development journey in 2014, with a small renovation and subdivision project. Since then she has delivered a number of projects including a 14 townhouse affordable housing project. 


For Dionne, successful property projects are an equal mix of good relationships, persistence and creating win-win scenarios for all stakeholders. 

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